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Deceleration: Anatomical Sequencing Made Simple with Drills & Movements to Practice and Self Dia

Prelude: This video demonstrates a lot of what is discussed throughout the talking points below. It is worth noticing how the scapula moves about the rib cage to offer space for the arm to come through. Also, note how the forearm is supinated up until release, is in flexion at release and then transitions into pronation. For further clarification, watch the video below or reach out via email.


This is a 13 minute video discussing in-depth dynamics of the anatomy the mechanisms that occur to allow for what is popularly known as a "Decel Pattern".


Below are the drills mentioned (and probably ones I forgot to mention, but ones you can look up) in the video and their respective purposes to help improve your deceleration patterns (for lack of a better term). Please keep in mind that the movements listed below have many pros and cons that are not listed and this list is a WAY over simplified description of what happens:

Medball Shot Put: Scapular Protraction

Yoga Pushup: Scapular Upward Rotation

Quadruped Reach: Rounding of Thoracic Spine and Scapular Protraction

Serratus Wall Slide: Scapular Upward Rotation

Wrist Weights: Transition of Forearm Supination to Forearm Pronation

Row Variations: Patterning of Pronation/ Supination as well as Teaching the Scapulae to Properly Move About the Rib Cage

Supine Lateral Seam Stretch: Improve Lateral Seam Mobility and Function

Trampoline Rebounders: "Unraveling of the Arm"

Also, please note that if you'd like to see more movements to improve scapular, thoracic, lat (and many more) functions, follow this link to another post which has 13 minutes of movement, mobility prescriptions and examples of how to help and assess yourself.


This video was my first take for this video. It is abbreviated and not complete but if you'd like to see, go right ahead. Figured I'd share it because Why Not? Thanks, Ryan Faer for recording this.

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