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Everything Scaps: Mobility, Stability, End Range, Soft Tissue, Motor Learning

This article/video compilation should serve as a prelude to a more informative post coming down the road.


Understanding scapular function and overall performance and health of the scapulae is more complicated than just analyzing the complex itself. The scapulae move about the rib cage and interact and compliment multiple joint functions. Consider the complexity of the scaps by the many relationships they hold within the thorax, which include allowing for adequate posture, movement capabilities, stability function and maximizing multi-joint synchronization and coordination. Sit tight because an article discussing the physiology aspects of the scapulae is soon to come, but for now, enjoy the many movements and mobilization prescriptions below!

Scapular Movements

General Movements, Exercises and Practices

Soft Tissue and Mobilization Prescriptions for Surrounding Structures

General Shoulder/ Scaps


Upper Body Wall/ Quick Dugout Series

Thoracic Spine

Scapular Patterning in Relation to Throwing

Feel free to follow this link to another article I wrote a while back regarding a small role that the scaps play in arm action while pitching.

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