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The Thanks Page

The Thanks Page is, without a doubt, the most important page on the site. Please look into these industry leaders to help prepare you for the road ahead.

This page is paying homage to the coaches and researches who make their work available via the internet and the many folks who have been kind enough to spend their time working with me. Below is a list of men and women who have contributed in one way or another to my interests and passions. Whether you’re a client of The Arm Farm or not, I strongly encourage you to look into their works or even contact them! There is a wealth of knowledge behind each link below.


We all drink from wells that we did not dig and many of the folks listed below have provided much hope for many athletes. The Arm Farm appreciates the fraternity baseball provides for so many ball players and coaches, a like.


Nick Crocker

Eric Cressey

Kyle Boddy

Ben Brewster

Scott Brown

Derek Johnson

Mike Boyle / Mike Boyle 

Tony Genticlore

Kelly Starrett

Butch Thompson

Ron Wolfworth

Dr. Marcus Elliot


Austin Wasserman

Dr. Paul Glazier

Paul Nyman


Brent Strom, Houston Astros Pitching Coach

Rob Friedman / The Pitching Ninja

Engineering Sport

Mike Reinold

Matt Blake

Brian Cain

Alan Nathan

Grame Lehman

Lantz Wheeler

Matt Daniels

Alex "La Flama" Casillas

Trevor Bauer

Kinetic Pro Performance

Perry Husband

Alan Jaeger

Steve Springer

Top Coach Podcast

Chad Bradford, Form MLB RHP and Former Pitching Coach at Hinds CC

Dr. James Buffi

Dave Coggin

Jerry Weinstein

Fred Corral

Dr. Josh Heenan

American Kinesiology


Jeff Passan

Elite Baseball Performance

Eno Sarris

Shay Bailey, Former Vanderbilt Player and Head Coach at Riverside Military Academy

American Physiological Society

Journal of Applied Physiology

Nick Esposito

Austin Womack and Austin Womack

Center for Sports Engineering Research

Beyond the Box Score

Jason Burke

Discover Movement

Sports Injury Clinic

Randy Sullivan

Tanner Reklaitis

Ben Ehrlich

Rebel Performance

Jeff Bajenaru

The Pitchers List

Dan Brooks

Pitch Info

MLB Pitch Smart

Harry Pavlidis


Rockland Peak Performance

Joey Housey

Flint Wallace

Justin Dehmer

Brian Kaplan

Best Performance

Athletes for Athletes

Dr. Osterer & Dr. Chivers

Jim Wagner

Ken Knutson

Nate Yeski

Geoff Freeborn

Brian St Pierre


Performance Lab of California

Greg Robbins


Science for Sport


Brian DeLunas

Darrell Coulter

Baseball Rebellion

108 Performance


Ryan Faer


Cameron Monger


Zach Long


Erson Religioso


Michael Mash


Tim Dixon


Tony Bonvechio


Jason Hirsh


Derek Florko


Vinh Pham


Brad Newman

Ben Lindbergh


“The Prehab Guys”




Tim Gabbett

Knuckle Drag Nation


Coach Kent Murphy

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