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Disclaimer: We do not post any testimonials of current NCAA athletes in order to avoid any eligibility issues. 

Colyn O'Connell

Detroit Tigers Organization

I have had the pleasure of knowing Max Weiner for 3 years. When I first met him I was significantly impressed by his knowledge of advanced pitching  and his ability to communicate it with it to individual athletes. Working with Max in the latter part of my college baseball career significantly changed my outlook on pitching. He opened my eyes to just how important proper training is. MY VELOCITY AND COMMAND HAS SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED as well as the effectiveness of my off-speed pitches because of my training and relationship with Max. His expertise on weighted ball training to enhance velocity and movement patterns is second to none. This talent alone sets him apart and will lead to nothing but durable arms. Lifting and throwing programs are essential to any pitcher's success. Max's understanding of how these programs translate to the mound make him a valuable asset for any athlete who wants to maximize their performance. Max continually studies new research results and adapts this knowledge to the individual player. By understanding that each athlete performs in their own unique way, he is able to inspire them and lead them to their own ceiling. I look forward to watching the program's success and am excited to be a lifelong part of the Arm Farm.

Matt "Meat" Martin

Lake-Sumter JC Baseball

The Arm Farm has done things for me that I never thought were possible. As a baseball player of almost 15 years, The Arm Farm has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. Max has helped me contact schools, rehab from a chronic shoulder pain and even gain velocity. The knowledge that I've gained since joining The Arm Farm is astonishing: everything from the mentality of pitching, to advanced training, and even one of the most overlooked things, active recovery. The Arm Farm has brought nothing but great things to my life. Max and his staff are people who you can call at any time and will be there for you with whatever you need! He is open to letting you try new things, and does a great job of explaining why you should or shouldn't do things. Being apart of The Arm Farm has also brought me many relationships with many other great people that are always willing to help. Everyone on the program is pleased, and is eager to work because they know the results will come and Max will help you with anything you need. As I mentioned earlier, I had shoulder pain which would always linger around and it seemed like it would never go away. Then, I began to train with Max (and The Arm Farm). I started getting bigger and stronger, from the lifting program that he specifically designed for me and the needs of my body. Since then, I haven't had a single day of arm pain and now I am a 88-90 guy for the first time in my life, which is truly insane because I've never been a 90 guy before in my life. The Arm Farm has truly helped me. I know many more great things are to come, and I could never be able to thank Max and The Arm Farm enough.

Cole Bumbales

Polk State CC Baseball

Meeting Max for the first time a couple years back I knew him and I had a connection from the start because of his knowledge of the game and how he helped one of my friends get back from an injury. He's helped me through so many things in my baseball career and every time we talk there's always something more he's learned with in the week of us not talking. He reads non-stop through research, workouts, arm care for activation, etc.


When I joined The Arm Farm, I ended up gaining 6 MPH in the first 2.5 months and have since signed a pro contract. The Arm Farm is the way to go! Nobody cares more than Max.

Davy Phrathep, Big League Brain Peak Performance

From no offers to a walk-on spot on a NCAA Division 1 program, Max Weiner was a huge influence on my success story. Through thick and thin, he has instilled important lessons in me in regard to player development, but more importantly, PERSONAL development. 


His impact on my life was IMMEDIATE and UNSOLICITED. He has a passion for responsibility towards helping others reach their goals and a talent for helping you find your self-worth. The evidence displayed in his ability to help players reach new heights in their objective performance is apparent, however, ask anyone of the members and they’ll all agree they feel more WHOLE internally because of his work.


Always open to original ideas, Max is actively progressing his work and constructing his own original content that best suits the changing times of baseball. So leave your worries at the door if you’re concerned about antiquated coaching philosophies. 


Don’t take this opportunity for granted, Max Weiner and his staff at The Arm Farm WILL take CARE of you. He has a talent for optimizing your circumstances and guiding you along a path of success that fits YOU.


Nonetheless, it’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child, and with the support I’ve received from The Arm Farm, I’ve made my point clear. Do yourself a favor and get on The Arm Farm.

Jonathan Barditch

Evoshield FL and Evoshield Canes Org.

Two years ago I met Max at the ball park and began training with him. When I met max I was shocked in the way he cared for me without even knowing me. It's hard to find people like that. His  knowledge of baseball is not common. You don't have a guy doing hours of research everyday just to be able to teach it to someone that doesn't have the same knowledge. Max does everything  and everything that he possibly can to help me be successful. He is more than advanced in his knowledge with pitching, hitting and weight training. There is just something different when he explains stuff to you, it just cliques!

Working with Max since the beginning of my high school career has helped me tremendously improve my velocity and most importantly my swing. Hours of hard work with Max will usually lead to a solution of any problem you had. He really showed me how important training was. I have watched Max instruct other pitchers and his expertise on weight lifting, weighted ball training to enhance velocity, mechanics and movement patterns is outstanding. Throwing programs and specific arm movements are really important for pitchers and position players and Max has the best understanding of those specific movements. Max researches on a daily bases to keep figuring things out and keep learning and always gives credit to others. Even though every athlete is different Max will find a way to individually inspire you and find a way to make you better. I know that Max and his program will continue to be a long term success and I'm thrilled to be a member of The Arm Farm.

Alex Demchak

Boston Red Sox

Entering the fall of my senior year of college before Pro Ball,  I had the pleasure of meeting Max. From our very first conversation I  immediately knew that he was somebody I would gravitate to. I went through a pretty big roller coaster my senior year and had the constant knocking of bad omens around me. Despite all of that, with Max's help I was able to not only overcome this but become stronger in the process.


One specific thing Max has always preached to me was having the ability to focus on each and every pitch. Prior to my appearances, Max would tell me "You have X amount decisions to make today (meaning each pitch) and never to ever let one go without full intent". This not only kept me locked in but allowed me to never get ahead of myself as the game progressed, keeping me engaged every single pitch. 

Not only is his baseball IQ off the charts but his ability to individualize all of his players really sets him apart. From the lifting side aspect to arm care, Max and his staff do everything in their power to make sure you are  taken care of and maximizing your ability each day.  One thing I can guarantee is you won't find anyone out there who knows more and also cares more than Max which is why this success will last moving forward.

Danny Cumba

Valdosta State University Baseball

I first heard about Max from his younger brother Jake, whom I was good friends with in high school. Jake always bragged about how great Max was. It was not until a little over a year later that I finally met Max as we were going to be college teammates. Boy was it an honor to really get to know Max. He always has such a positive attitude and his willingness to help others, both on and off the field is unlike anything I've ever seen. Max loves nothing more than watching people succeed; which is why I believe he does such extensive research on anatomy, physics and the game of baseball itself. I can honestly say that I have never met someone as knowledgable about communicating arm care, injury prevention, increasing velocity, hitting philosophies, weight training, nutrition, and the psychological aspect of the game. This list can go on and on, but these are just some of the things Max personally helped me with. I also enjoyed watching Max work with pitchers on their mechanics and the different drills he would have them do to improve their game, which it actually did. It was really a sight to see the joy he would get out of helping his fellow pitcher and watching them succeed. One major thing that stood out to me about Max is that he always explains the reasoning behind why he asks you to try or fix something, instead of just telling you to blindly do it. I learned first hand that Jake was not just hyping up his brother, but speaking the utmost truth! 

Ryan Ferranti

Ferranti Sports Performance

Max has a tremendous amount of qualifications related to baseball training. I could reiterate them here, but there are several other better equipped and more qualified people to do so here already.

I do want to tell you a little bit about Max Weiner’s character however. There is much to say about this fine young man but as you have training to get started with I will lay out the 3 most impressive in my eyes:

  • Hard Working: That term is thrown around quite a bit with little understanding of what the word entails. My definition of hard working is someone who is willing to sacrifice for success when others will not. It is easy to be motivated during a season, in the playoffs, with a big game approaching. At the start of the offseason, on a Friday night when your friend are all out is another story. I have always prided myself on my dedication to my passions in life. Max is one of the few who really lives and breathes hard work.

  • Self-Less: When my pro career ended, people asked me if I’d go into coaching. I flatly replied “No chance”. In my eyes the game was over when my career ended. There are few individuals who want to see others succeed to the same degree as their own success. Max is hands down one of these rare people. During my career Max was an unconditional supporter and believer in me (often more than I was of myself!). He has a love of others and this shows in his relationship with everyone he associates with.

  • Honest: This to me is the most important of all. If a person is intelligent and hardworking but not honest, they can do more harm than good. The foundation of any relationship should be built on honesty. My relationship with Max over 10 years has shown me a mature, talented, honest man.

I am excited you have found Max and wish you the best.

Ryan Ferranti

Dan Fine

UTampa Baseball/ Performance Coach at Fit-Speed

The initial time I met Max, we had an instant connection through various endeavors and pastimes. At that point, I knew he was a special man, on a mission to be successful in whatever he truly is passionate about.  Over the past few years, we have collaborated on numerous tasks, bouncing concepts, theories, and optimal progressions pertaining to athletic performance off of each other.  Max is undoubtedly establishing himself as one of the premier, up & coming, proficient, and experienced baseball educators in this industry.  His willingness to assist such a wide variety of athletes, from adolescents striving to make their travel team, to elite level collegiate and professional athletes attempting to sign a contract, is unparalleled.  Max will put the utmost intensity into each and every workout and program designed individually to each athlete.  When Max presented me with the opportunity to collaborate and join this movement as a performance coach and nutritional guidance advisor, I was ecstatic and knew I could not pass it up.

Jamie Johnson

TCC Baseball

Working with Max has helped me so much, not only as a player but as an individual. He is very knowledgeable, personable and just great to work with. He has even helped me in my recruiting process as well. Very fair pricing makes it easy for anybody looking to improve their abilities as a pitcher and developing into the player they're striving to be. He is very attentive with every athlete and he has made a world of difference for me! Max has introduced me to many top players and other folks who work in baseball to network with and learn from. I refer the Arm Farm to anybody who has ambition to play at the next level.

Chandler Jagodzinski

Frontier League All Star

During my first year as College Pitching Coach I got to meet Max. Definitely a guy who helped move the day along and someone I could bounce ideas back and forth on. He was developing the program that year and I was all for it. The way he works on and off the field with baseball and the research was phenomenal. I couldn't believe all the research and development he had been piling up to start the Arm Farm. I've never really done a weighted ball program or a weight lifting program the way he develops it. He wants to get to know you before you even get started so that the program itself is catered to you and you alone. I love all the different variations of exercises and routines he has for the weighted balls. Definitely a workout in itself if you do it right. Then the weight room lifts are key to help that throwing program to build you into the pitcher you want to become. With hard work, determination and trust in Max, I think the sky is the limit on what you can get out of the Arm Farm. I'm excited for Max and the journey he is taking with his Arm Farm and I'm excited to see it grow. 

Andrew George

FIU Baseball

I've known Max for about 3 years now. I came into contact with Max during my JUCO days at Miami-Dade CC. Instantly, I could see the knowledge and desire he had to help others. As I got to pick his brain a little I could see how well rounded he was in all aspects of baseball.


Right away I could tell he was the real deal. The best part about it was he always offers to help with open arms and never expects anything in return. And I admire that about him. Luckily, Max and I grew close and when he brought forward his idea of The Arm Farm I jumped at the opportunity. The Arm farm is second to none. He understands that every athlete is not the same and sits down and individualizes a program to reach your full potential. It's really an honor to be apart of The Arm Farm and I couldn't be prouder to be able to call Max my true friend.

Ralphy Martinez

Miami Dade College Baseball

Max Weiner is great at what he does, he is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He likes helping others to get better. He's Not one of those people that will try and change everything and make you feel uncomfortable to accommodate himself like I'm sure we've all encountered. Another thing about Max is that his first priority is always your body's health, if something doesn't feel right he's very cautious and advises you on ways to fix and wants to make sure you're 100%. Max is very reliable, he doesn't have you waiting around days or weeks for an answer to questions you may have. Max has helped me throw much harder during college and not have arm pain anymore.

Connor Rooney

Keiser University Baseball

Max is very dedicated to improving his knowledge on athletic performance which is a sign of a great Coach. Max's playing experience and training experience will help provide a next level training environment. I am confident that The Arm Farm is the right place to train to get you to the next level.

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