Joining The Arm Farm

Membership to The Arm Farm includes remote (off-site) monthly performance development programs and training options. Feel free to Contact Us to join and get the ball rolling. For first-hand accounts of The Arm Farm experience, review our Testimonials Page.


-This is a step-by-step process of what happens when you join The Arm Farm:

1. Introductory Phone Call to get to know Max and other Arm Farm staff. Your feedback is the backbone of our program.

2. You will receive a welcome package which includes a preliminary questionnaire regarding your training and injury history, training preferences (what has worked well and what hasn't), etc. as well as a list of necessary training supplies, questions about your individual metrics, and other pertinent information for you to begin your individualized training program.

3. You will be sent a link to your movement screening. From there, you will record and complete your movement screening.

4. You will also complete your anatomical and body composition screenings via video submission for our breakdown and measurement processes.

5. You will send updated videos of your pitching or throwing motion for your biomechanics analysis.


Once all of this is done, after recording and analyzing your movements, biomechanics, strengths, personal history, etc. we will collaboratively design your first month's program which may include:

-Long Toss Regimen 

-Periodized Weight Lifting Program

-Return to Throwing Program

-Daily Mobility Protocols and Prescriptions

-Soft Tissue Improvement and Maintenance Programs 

-In-Season Starter Routine

-In-Season Reliever Routine

-Coordination Improvement/ Motor Recruitment Program

-Weighted Ball Throwing Program

-Pre and Post Pitching Routines

-Sample Bullpen Structures

-Arm Care Program

-Recovery Modalities

-Updates and Program Revisions Based on Your Feedback

-Unlimited Contact with Arm Farm Staff and Other Members

-Periodic Re-Screening and Evaluations

-Networking, Education and Internship Opportunities

  • To view a sample day of training with The Arm Farm Farm, click here.



It is necessary to collect all of your data to compose an individual program based on your specific metrics, movements and long-term situation. We will be in communication with you every step of the way and throughout your training.

What if my team already has me on a throwing program and/or lifting program? 

No problem. The Arm Farm is a unique experience and program for each athlete. We are happy to tailor and create any program to supplement and maximize the training you're already doing. However, if we feel that your current training protocols are sufficient and that our program may not be the right fit, we'll be happy to help point you in a better direction or accommodate your needs no matter how minimal they may be.

 Contact Us for availability and pricing.