Message From The Founder

My name is Max Weiner. I am the Pitching Coordinator for The Seattle Mariners, a Certified Biomechanics Specialist, an Associate Member of Biomechanics from the London College of Osteopathy and Founder of The Arm Farm LLC.

I've been a ball player my whole life through Division I, Division II, and Junior College Baseball. But more importantly, and what inspired me to start The Arm Farm, are the years of playing, researching and coaching that I have dedicated to studying the ins and outs of the game and player development.  


After many years of thorough reading, researching and consulting, I founded The Arm Farm to provide a comprehensive on-site and remote program and community, where athletes and pitchers can develop durable and lasting throwing velocity, progress their pitch-profiles, and advance their pursuits of a baseball career. Please review our Testimonials Page to gauge our athletes' experiences.

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