July 25, 2017

This article/video compilation should serve as a prelude to a more informative post coming down the road. 

Understanding scapular function and overall performance and health of the scapulae is more complicated than just analyzing the complex itself. The scapulae move ab...

July 19, 2017

Most baseball players train to express force and train rate of force development, yet many don't actively train the ability to accept and distribute forces about the body. Ballistic trampoline rebounders and popular wrist weight exercises are two good (and well known)...

July 18, 2017


This post will discuss how biomechanics principles can translate into a simple mantra to conceptualize movement.

We use the term “immediate acceleration to terminal deceleration” as a talking point for athletes and coaches to understand the mechanisms of a pitche...

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Deceleration: Anatomical Sequencing Made Simple with Drills & Movements to Practice and Self Diagnose

April 8, 2018

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